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Irish Machinery Valuations specialise in the production of certified, independent and defensible machinery and equipment valuation reports for clients nationwide. Our CMEA qualified valuation professionals comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice* the global best practice standard for machinery and equipment valuation and our conclusions can withstand the scrutiny of lending institutions, potential buyers, the courts, revenue commissioners, business partners and other stakeholders. 

Understanding your business, paying attention to detail, upholding the CMEA code of ethics and practice guidelines and having access to national and international valuation data are fundamental to the services offered by Irish Machinery Valuations.

Sectors covered include construction, healthcare, transport and logistics, manufacturing of all types, communications, aviation, mining, utilities, leasing, agriculture, processing plants and information technology. (For a more comprehensive list, please visit the process page).

If you own, purchase or loan the funds for machinery and/or equipment, then you need a certified, independent and defensible valuation from a professional with the right credentials.

Users of machinery and equipment valuations include:


Business owners need to know the value of their machinery and equipment for many reasons. Purchasing equipment? How will you know if it’s a good buy? Selling some equipment or the entire business? Will you be able to set an asking price you can stand over? Insuring your machinery and equipment? What is its insurable value?  You don’t want to under insure it but you also want to avoid paying too much premium by over insuring it.

Whether you are starting your business, growing your business or selling your business, a certified, independent and defensible valuation can save you money and/or add value to your business.

Bankers, Other Lenders and Insurance Companies

Bankers and other lenders require precise fair market machinery and equipment valuations to support loan and lease decisions. Estimating machinery and equipment values by relying on a tax driven depreciation schedule, a rule of thumb or a guessestimate from an ‘expert’ are three methods fraught with potential liability and financial risk.  Insurance adjusters also need reliable independent valuations to reconcile disputes over insurance claims.

Accountants, Business Advisors and Business Coaches

Everyone knows that 90% of the time the recorded book value of machinery and equipment bears no relation to its actual market value.  Machinery and equipment is depreciated on a fixed formula basis which takes no account of the actual usage/condition of the equipment concerned or whether values in the used market have remained strong due to high demand and low supply or crashed due to low demand and high supply. 

Two identical machines purchased on the same day for the same amount by the same company will have the same book values on the Balance Sheet despite the fact that one machine has only done 500 hours in a 3 year period and is still under warranty whereas the other has been used on double shifts 6 days a week over the same three years clocking up over 14,000 hours.  Are they both really of equal value? 

If you want to know the true market value of your clients machinery and equipment you need to get a certified independent valuation.  Anything less and you are basing decisions on book values you know bear no relation to the market reality.

Solicitors, Arbitrators and the Courts

Solicitors, Arbitrators and the Courts frequently need certified independent machinery and equipment valuations for litigation support, divorce settlements, bankruptcy, partnership dissolution and estate planning.

The Public Service

Government Departments and Agencies are responsible for purchasing, using, maintaining and disposing of large amounts of machinery and equipment throughout the state.  When the time comes to dispose of used equipment either by selling it on the open market or via a trade in for new equipment it is imperative that the items in question are independently valued prior to disposal to ensure full market value is obtained in the transaction.

* The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice are developed by "The Appraisal Standards Board" of the "Appraisal Foundation Trust".